Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Cletop.Com ?
A. We are a U.S. company (an EESI company) involved in selling high quality fiber cleaning products and related gear. We sell to users of all sizes including high volume users such as resellers, CEM’s and OEM’s in the U.S. and International market. Our years of experience allows us to provide great technical support for our products directly. Our pricing is very competitive and we urge you to CONTACT US for pricing on larger quantities.

Q: Does Cletop.Com sell Internationally?
A: Cletop.Com does sell Internationally.

Q: What about delivery ?
A: Products are usually delivered same day if the order is received before 12:00 PM and the product is in stock. Just-in-time deliveries for blanket orders can be set up as well. It is possible to overnight product if you have an urgent requirement.

Q: Why should I use a Cletop cleaner ?
In a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2013 and sponsored by Emerson Network Power, the average cost per minute of unplanned downtime in a Data Center is now estimated at $7,900. A five second swipe will leave a connector very clean for minimum insertion loss and back reflection for maximum reliability. Cost is around a nickel a wipe. For more information on why you should clean your fiber connectors, please go to WHY CLEAN FIBERS.

Q: What about other maybe cheaper cleaners ?
A: What is your true cost savings long term with an inferior cleaner? Cletop brand is the best fiber cleaner of its type and the global leader in fiber cleaning. With Cletop.Com offering you great pricing, why would you go elsewhere?

Q: What makes the Cletop Products so good at cleaning fibers?
A: It’s in the specially formulated 2 micron fiber of the Cletop dry cloth material.

Q: What is the difference between the Cletop Cassette and the Cletop-S Cassette?
A: The Cletop-S is the new version offering a drop in replacement tape cartridge that requires no tools and an easier to use ambidextrous top mounted push lever to advance the tape. The standard Cletop Cassette has a round replacement reel that requires a screwdriver and a manual threading of the tape. For more information, go to CLETOP vs. CLETOP-S.

Q: Do you sell quantity one of cleaners or replacement tapes?
A: We do sell the Cassette Cleaners in single quantities. However, the Replacement Reels/Cartridges are sold only by the Box of 6.

Q: Where are Cletop products made?
A: They are made by NTT-AT in Japan. NTT is a huge telecom/fiber/test equipment firm. You can visit their web site at www.ntt-at.com/product/cletop/

Q: Do you offer any technical support for fiber
A: Try us on most any question you can think of (hopefully fiber related). We believe that Cletop.Com has the experience to provide the best technical support in the U.S.

Q: Why are there so many options on the standard Cletop Cassettes?
A: It has to do with the slot size and the shape of the rubber pad to properly support the size and shape of the connector ferrule you are trying to clean.

Standard Cletop Cassette Specifications:

Ferrule 2.5mm 1.25mm MT-RJ MPO
Type Type A Type B Type MT-RJ Type MPO
Part No. 14100500 14100610 14100101 14100201
Shape of rubber pad rub_1 rub_2 rub_3 rub_3
Cleans per reel more than 400 times more than 400 times more than 400 times more than 400 times
Connector types SC, SC2, FC, ST, DIN, D4 MU, LC, MT, MPO (w/o pins), MT-RJ (w/o pins), Biconic MT-RJ with pins MPO with pins
W x H x D mm
130 x75 x 40
Weight (g) 160 160 160 160

Source is www.ntt-at.com/product/cletop/

Q: What Tape (Blue or White) should I use with the MT-RJ or MPO cleaners?
A: Cletop recommends using the White Tape for the smaller 1.25mm ferrules and multi-fiber connectors. However, for more information on Blue vs. White Tape, please go to our Cletop Terminology page.

Q: What options are there with the Cletop-S Cassette type cleaner?
A: Products for either 2.5 mm ferrule or a 1.25 mm ferrule. The smaller ferrule likes a flat surface for cleaning to prevent sticking.

CLETOP – S Cassette Specifications:

Ferrule 2.5mm 1.25mm
Type Type A Type B
Part No. 14110501 14110611
Shape of rubber pad rub_1 rub_2
Cleans per cartridge more than 400 times more than 400 times
Connector types SC, FC, ST, SMA, D4 MU, LC, MT, Biconic, MPO (w/o pins), MT-RJ (w/o pins),
W x H x D mm
125 x 85 x 35
Weight (g) 150 150

Source is www.ntt-at.com/product/cletop/

Q. Are Cletop products returnable?
A. Generally not unless the Cletop.Com staff shipped the wrong part. Please order with care.

Q. What if I have a question for Cletop.Com?
A. Contact us via the many options shown at CONTACT US.