Cletop vs. Cletop-S

CLETOP (Standard) vs. CLETOP-S



There is much confusion as to why there is a Cletop Cassette (Standard) product and a Cletop-S Cassette product. The two products look somewhat alike, they both offer exactly the same quality cleaning performance. The Cletop-S is lower in price and is recommended when purchasing Cletop products for the first time.

The Cletop-S was introduced several years after the Cletop (Standard) and was designed from the input of many users throughout the world. The original Cletop was not discontinued or made obsolete because it is still the preferred product of many Cletop users.

The Cletop-S Cassette offers the following advances:

  • More rugged, ergonomic design.
  • Slide open lock for easier access to replacement cartridges. No tools required!
  • Integrated replacement cartridge offers quicker, easier “drop-in” tape change.
  • Central push button operation offers ease of use for left handed and right handed operators. It’s ambidextrous!
  • Anti-static body and replacement cartridge.

Both products work great and are readily available. The preference is yours!